Our Products

Our farm products are all plant-based (vegan) and include Apple Ginger Chutney with Black Currants, Cranberry Chutney, Blueberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Apple Jam, Apple Jam, Granola, and specialty baked goods.

Please contact us using the Connect link above or through our Facebook page if you would like to order our products. We ship to the U.S. and Canada.

CHutneys and Jams

We use our own farm plants, herbs, and berries as primary ingredients in many of our chutneys and jams. If we do not grow something ourselves, we look to local farms. 


Our organic granola comes in 12 oz. packages. We have six varieties, as well as a seasonal flavor. You can also order a sampler that includes 4 oz. packages of each flavor.  


Our Weihnachtsstollen is made in the tradition of the original Dresden Stollen, which was first sold in Dresden, Germany around the year 1500. The original Dresden Christstollen is now a protected trademark and brand used by only about 130 licensed bakeries in the Dresden area. Dresden Christstollen remains a traditional favorite in Germany, Europe, and indeed the world.

We make our Stollen completely from scratch. We create a fine marzipan (70/30) as per the Richtlinie für Zuckerwaren. Citrus peels are carefully blanched and candied so they retain just enough oils to reflect in their mild bitterness the aroma of the almond extract made from bitter almond oil. These bitter notes are balanced with a touch of authentic rose water and the layered sweet notes of candied peel, organic sugar, raisins and currants. A backdrop to these flavors is a rich bread with a distinctively dry texture. This flavorful juxtaposition of opposing yet complementary notes is what makes our Stollen unique.

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